Vado Apparel is built on the foundation of creating high quality technical outdoor apparel for every adventure. From the mountains to the cities, our commitment is to provide you with garments that are produced at the highest standard, and perform at the highest standard.

All of our clothes are crafted right here in Massachusetts. We are proud to make our clothes here at home, and still offer an innovative product at a competitive price point.  Does it cost more? Yes. Is it worth that cost?  We think so. Support Small Business, buy local, and keep your dollar where it belongs, in the community.

Although Vado’s identity is also strongly rooted in innovation, our main mission is growth. A commitment to encouraging social justice and supporting BIPOC communities in New England, and beyond. The main way in which we do this is by partnering with Summits in Solidarity. Summits in Solidarity’s is a non-profit organization that’s mission is to foster justice and equity for Black, Indigenous, and Peoples of Color (BIPOC) by amplifying BIPOC voices in outdoor spaces, supporting anti-oppression and anti-racist efforts, and mobilizing hikers and community members to dismantle white supremacy in the outdoors. This is why 1% of our profits goes to supporting this initiative and the causes it lifts up.

Vado is outdoor apparel with a purpose.

Empowered by Nature

Motivated by People